Congratulations to the Members of the
2018-2019 High School Travel Teams

There wil be a Mandatory Program Meeting on Sunday Nov. 18th  from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at High School East (new Gym) for all players and parents. In this meeting we will be addressing questions, assigning uniform colors and sizing, numbers and practice times.  If you have been selected to a team and can not attend this meeting ... you must email Frank Massa at  prior to Sunday's meeting.

Please bring a check for $285.00 made out to the
Town of Clifton Park and confirm that your
registration form is in order

The players for the 2018-19 HS Travel Teams are:

CP Team H1
Team Number Last Name First Name Grade
H1   Alexander Nicholas 12
H1   Cardone Nicholas 12
H1   Gaston Johnny 12
H1   Hamilton Josh 12
H1   Hengsterman Jackson 12
H1   Hicks Mathew 12
H1   Jones Evan 12
H1   Meyer Jaron 12
H1   O'Dea Patrick 12
H1   Sharpe Jake 12
H1   Upson Tyler 12
H1   Wallace Bryan 12


CP Team H2
Team Number Last Name First Name Grade
H2   Carey Connor 11
H2   Cole Kevin 11
H2   Dale Kevin 11
H2   Fair Sam 11
H2   Jalloh Mohamad 11
H2   Kirkem Javon 11
H2   McGarry Cameron 11
H2   Sawicki Eric 11
H2   Schultz Ben 11
H2   Swift Jeffrey 11
H2   Zalucky Nathan 11

CP Team H3
Team Number Last Name First Name Grade
H3   Bean Evan 11
H3   Brown Ben 11
H3   Collins Ryan 11
H3   DeBiere Austin 11
H3   Durden Reggie 11
H3   Espinal Brendan 11
H3   Farnan Jack 11
H3   Lockheart Samir 11
H3   Scott Vinny 11
H3   Walentowicz Drew 11
H3   Zielinski Alex 11

CP Team H4
Team Number Last Name First Name Grade
H4   Albagli Sean 10
H4   Barnett Josh 10
H4   Bove Mathew 10
H4   Ceccucci Ryan 10
H4   Fox Daghn 10
H4   Grimes Evan 10
H4   Ormsby JT (Jaston) 10
H4   Ryan Jack 10
H4   Smith Gabe 10
H4   Stack Jake 10
H4   Woodrow Jaysiah 10

CP Team H5
Team Number Last Name First Name Grade
H5   Carroll Damon 10
H5   Deasy Danny 10
H5   Eckler Justin 10
H5   Gandron Devin 10
H5   Harrington-May Devyn 10
H5   Ilert CJ (Carlos) 10
H5   Licata Will 10
H5   Lombardo Lorenzo 10
H5   Mariano Mathew 10
H5   McKay Zain 10
H5   Savona Johnathan 10

CP Team H6
Team Number Last Name First Name Grade
H6   Barbagelata Will 9
H6   Bean Ryan 9
H6   Becker Tyler 10
H6   Gelsomino Peter 9
H6   Gillian Jason 9
H6   Han Mathew 9
H6   Hickey Evan 9
H6   Lee Howard 9
H6   Perino Gabriel 9
H6   VanDeCar Jack 10
H6   Weaver Josh 10

CP Team H7
Team Number Last Name First Name Grade
H7   Broberg Daniel 9
H7   Francis Ivan 9
H7   George Jeff 10
H7   George Greg 10
H7   Lee Brendan 9
H7   Minnick Texas 9
H7   Pheonix Carter 9
H7   Suchdeve Aidan 9
H7   Thouin Paul 9

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